My Minimalism

I seem to have developed (both consciously and subconsciously) a rather minimalistic system of movement and behaviour. I am minimalist in my writing style, true, but also in many other ways. My appeal to minimalism seems to have come inherently from my autism. Where there are more (self imposed) restrictions, and a reduced range of freedom, I feel ironically more at home.

Tension relaxes me.

I am far more comfortable in clothing which is rather restrictive, but also rather aesthetic. It means there is an imperative on my part to maintain that aesthetic. It gives my self awareness something to to be aware of. Now as a dancer, I have learned that the best form of movement for me is, also, a more restrictive form. The clothing I have recently adopted for dance (the style of animation/robotics) does not allow me to move very much. One would think this an inversely proportionate relation for aiding in a dance performance, but actually I have found the opposite: when precision is most necessary, you want to be focused, and indeed you want to make sure that you are conditioned to be precise even when allowed the full range of movement.

Dance style – and style in general – is not about what you can do, but about what you choose to do. Minimalism reflects the quality of choice, whereas maximalism reflects the quantity of choices available. I simply choose the option where my judgement in decision making is validated.

As for my writing – well I could of course discuss that, but I think I shall let this post be its own artefact.

I feel you can get the joke if you read between my lines, for that is where a minimalist writes most elaborately.       


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